tan MUN


14-15 January 2019

Most Distinguished Participants,

It is my utmost pleasure to welcome you all to the 6th annual session of Tan Model United Nations on behalf of the academic and organization team, as the Secretary-General of the conference.

As this year’s theme distinctly states we believe in the “Unity Through Diversity” so with a highly qualified team of MUNers who are all full of unique abilities that will guarantee a successful conference, we have been working splendidly hard to offer you the most memorable MUN experience you can ever have.

Every year with the sincere participation of our most sensitive and talented students of our school, we engage in fierce debates on the most critical issues of our world. We believe that as the youth of today and the leaders of tomorrow we must have a comprehensive knowledge and a independent opinion on global issues to be prepared to resolve the unexpected events within the problems and possibilities of our world through creativity and cooperation just like we might need in the real life.

As the ever-growing club of Tan High Schools, we will be hosting 5 committees in TanMUN 2019 namely, GA1: Disarmament and International Security Committee, GA4: Special Political and Decolonization Committee, SA: Youth and Gender Affairs, United Nations Human Rights Council and Security Council. In our opinion, these committees will ensure the delegates’ enthusiasm towards exchanging ideas and lead to a conference that will prepare you for the reality of our world.

DISEC will be focused on the unfortunate events that had taken place in the Middle East cousing numerous civilian deaths by chemical attacks.

SPECPOL will be discussing the UN’s political involvement in conflicted areas to prevent any more collateral damage to the public.

UNHRC will be evaluating the possible alterations in one of the most fundamental human rights, Right of Peoples Self-Determination.

For the second time in TanMUN, this year we will have a committee for elemenraty level students, Special Assembly: Youth and Gender Affairs Committee will be working on violence in schools against students like themselves.

Security Council , for the second time in TanMUN, will be endavouring on one of the the most crucial matters of our world; Terrorism. Although they will be working to achieve safety in conflicted zones, they must be ready for unexpected events that may occur whilst they are close to a solution.

Once again on the behalf of the Secretariat of TanMUN 2019 , with excitement and honour, I welcome you all to our organization. We are looking forward to meeting you in the conference which will expand your aspect of life.

Yours sincerely,

Arda Ekin Yağdı

Secretary-General of TanMUN 2019